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Smartphone and Cell Phone Forensics

While the world continues to digitalize, new channels of communication offer individuals opportunities for wrongdoings.  Smartphones and cell phones have evolved to the point where image sharing, messaging, and other transactions are taking place in the palms of our hands with a growing desensitization to “being caught” since the impression of “deleting” means that the data has vanished.  However, deleting our history is not so simplistic by the touch of a button.  Digital data forensic examiners have the knowledge, experience and skills to resurrect deleted data, call logs, image use, etc. in order to illustrate any inappropriate or criminal acts that occurred with a smartphone or cellular device.

At PDI, our goal is to assist with your specific needs when it comes to smartphone and cell phone forensics.  Our team will work with the specific device in order to recover as much data as possible that will help provide the answers the questions regrading a suspected cheating spouse or partner or an alleged unethical employee or personal assistant.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your specific smartphone data extraction and forensic needs.

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