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Our definition of security is the ability to separate an asset from a threat. Protection from harm is our number one priority and proper preparation is a must. Whether it is personal or corporate travel locally or abroad; whether it is personal security from threats or corporate security for executives or property; whether you need to prepare a safety and security assessment for your organization or academic institution, PDI will devise a safety plan and offer its many years of experience to protect you and your assets!  We evoke the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity to provide the best guidance with each and every scenario presented with focus solely on securing your situation.

At PDI, we analyze and assess your needs to provide the best security coverage for your desired plans.  With years of security consulting, operations and detail, we can assist with your corporate security management planning, personal and corporate travel planning, or with your personal threat and protection needs.  PDI will be by your side throughout providing the needed protection and security to keep you and your assets safe from harm.  Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and we look forward to your safety and protection!

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