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Physical and Threat Analysis to Promote School Safety.

What was once a safe haven for our children and students of all ages, the traditional schooling environment, has been the victim to a new age of attacks. People of all ages appear to be capable of serious destruction, filled with hatred and possessing no value for life, including their own. Schools need to be smart and prepare for the unthinkable, including crisis management, terrorism, and threats.

At PDI, our team of terrorism and security experts can assist schools with establishing their “Emergency Response Plan” and perform ongoing “Multilevel Analysis” which includes a Physical Security Property Audit, and a Threat Assessment, in order to keep our schools, children and staff as safe as possible. We understand that while we cannot prevent people that intend to harm others from taking action, we can attempt to prepare schools, churches, and other institutions in an effort to minimize any harmful actions taken against their people or facilities. PDI can work with today's educators and school-based law enforcers to help them effectively prepare, manage and respond to terrorism and crisis events to protect themselves, their students, and their staff.

PDI’s expert security consultants work closely to assist schools of all sizes in executing Security Assessments, developing a Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, Training staff and educators with multiple levels of training exercises, and then performing follow up and ongoing Security Audits. Contact the professionals at PDI to learn more about these services and how we can help you prepare for the unthinkable before the unthinkable occurs!!!

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