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Missing Person Investigation

People of all ages turn up missing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly…all the time! Whether this action is voluntarily or involuntarily, someone is always left behind wondering where did their friend, family member, loved one, debtor, etc. go and why did they leave.  With any missing persons case, time is typically not on your side especially when a criminal act has been committed such as a kidnapping.  While law enforcement will do their best to assist and support, there are protocols they must follow including declaration of a missing person only after a certain duration of time since the person was last seen, which may be too late depending upon the situation.  If you find yourself in this scenario where there has been a voluntary or involuntary experience with a missing person, you need all the help available to recover the individual and a private investigator can begin on your case as soon as this type of situation arises.

At PDI, our specially trained agents will quickly attend to your situation and begin looking for your missing person. While employing many tactics, a lead investigator will be assigned to your case and begin the recovery effort immediately.  Whether your situation falls in the domestic United States or abroad, our agents can quickly assess the situation and pool the appropriate resources to aid in the recovery process. Contact us today to discuss your case and needs. Our agents will be happy to provide you with the best advice for your specific situation.

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