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Kidnapping Investigation and Ransom Situations

By definition, kidnapping refers to the act of unlawfully seizing and detaining an individual (or group of individuals), usually for ransom. We, at PDI, take this heinous act very seriously. With our ability to be anywhere worldwide within 48-60 hours, our highly trained team can assist independently (or in conjunction with law enforcement officials) both nationally or internationally. Kidnappings are high-tension situation, demanding strong discipline and attention to detail, as well as the ability to comfort those involved during this extremely emotional period. PDI’s experience and expertise can ease the stress and strive to achieve the desired results, safely and efficiently.

When it comes to Missing Children and Kidnappings, keep in mind these key points:

  • Time is the enemy in missing child cases. According to a study by the State of Washington’s Office of the Attorney General, in 76.2% of child abduction-homicides, the murder of the child occurred within the first three hours.
  • Rapid response is the only factor that correlates directly to the live recovery of a child taken by non-family abductors.
  • Most offenders who sexually assault and murder children do so repeatedly. Rapid capture and prosecution is the best possible remedy. 
  • Every possible effort must be made to identify, capture, and prosecute these criminals.
  • With approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, some agencies may not be familiar with all the resources available in missing and abducted children cases.
  • Always use a professional private investigative firm to assist immediately in the attempted recovery of your child.

At PDI, Kidnapping Investigations demands professional attention, especially when dealing with ransom situations. Our personnel are hand picked, highly trained professional that ensure efficiency and most of all, a successful outcome, in most cases. Our staff consists of various Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Agents who have years of experience in various fields of investigation. We know each situation is different, and we will commit the necessary time and resources to give you and your family, the personal attention you deserve.

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