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Intelligence is your best ally…capturing and processing intelligence takes skill and experience in order to make intelligence your friend.  From background checks on employees, nannies, or personal staff to extracting data from computers or smartphones in a corporate or personal separation situation, the investigation team at PDI can work closely with you to assist with data extraction, recovery and processing.  Records, call logs, internet searches, text records, etc. can all be obtained through intelligent forensics; however, this process takes expertise of digital forensics professional to extract and examine this data.

PDI will work with you to determine your level of examination based upon your specific situation.  Whether the goal is to determine call and text logs from a suspected cheating spouse or to determine if an employee is abusing computer privileges, PDI will analyze and assess your desired outcomes and devise a plan to assist with your intelligence needs.  Contact us today to learn more about the intelligence services and investigations offered by PDI.

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