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Recommendation Letter from the U.S. Department of State

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Michael Barbieri from 1978 to present, meeting him shortly after my assignment to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office in St. Louis, MO.

He is a professional in all undertakings, whether it is in the field of training or in the management of his security/investigative firm. He holds a PhD in Psychology.

I can best describe him using the phrases commonly found in investigative reports describing one's suitability for positions of trust with the U.S. Government. He is a loyal, trustworthy American of good moral character, and I would personally trust him to ensure the protection of my life in a situation of danger or jeopardy. He is an individual whose word I can take for granted on any topic.

Our professional relationship began in 1986 when I was seconded to the Multi-National Forces and Observers (MFO), a ten nation peace keeping organization similar to the United Nations, in Sinai, Egypt. At the request of the Officer in Charge of the Force Training Program, I invited Mr. Barbieri to visit the MFO. He visited the Force on two occasions in 1986 and 1987, totally revamping the Force Training Program. He received accolades from the Force Commander and from the other commanders of the participating military forces.

While assigned to INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon, France, I invited Mike to assist in the planning and organization of INTERPOL's newly constructed training facility.

He has not only shown professionalism in the field of training, but has additionally proven himself to be more than competent in the field of Security/Criminal Investigations and Executive Protection. He has participated in numerous cases assigned by private and governmental attorneys, including a sensitive investigation in Latin America, which involved the embezzlement of millions of dollars.

I do not hesitate in requesting his assistance or in recommending him to anyone who might need his professional assistance in investigations, security or executive protection.

I am proud to know Mike and consider him an asset to his community and to the United States. I will be more than happy to be personally interviewed concerning his character and professionalism.

James T. Sanford
Special Agent, DOS

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