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Criminal Investigations

When a crime has been committed and it is time for the legal system to begin their criminal investigations, it is important that all facts, evidence, and motives are extracted and identified. At PDI, our professional staff of criminal investigators assists the legal arms to ensure that "no stone is left unturned". Our former federal agents and ex-military security personnel can be deployed to a crime scene immediately to begin scrutinizing, analyzing, interrogating, and reporting. We work hand-in-hand with law firms, government agencies, and law enforcement departments to ensure that justice is properly served.

Computer Forensics — Learn the history of users from dissecting the hard drives of their machines to trace transactions online.

Witness Protection — When trying key criminal cases, you want to ensure that your witnesses are kept safe.

Locate and Interview Key Witness — Locate, videotape interview, verify testimony from grand jury or earlier trial, prepare witness for trial.

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