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Corporate Protection Services

PDI works closely with corporations to execute corporate investigations in order to protect the interests of the entity. With the ability to assemble a team and visit your corporation within 48 hours, PDI specializes in corporate security, fraudulent investigations, and corporate & employee background screenings. Our team of expert investigators is experienced in handling all of your corporate investigation needs, ranging from worker's compensation claims to strike security.

Executive Protection — Ensuring that your executive staff and management teams are protected during times of unrest internally and externally are many corporations' key concerns.

Advance Teams — When sending your key executive and leaders abroad, their security and safety is the #1 concern of corporations today.

Corporate Security — Securing properties and executives during times of unrest within the company, as well as external threats.

Employee Background Checks — Learning about who is working for you is as important as their job functions. Don't be misled.

Corporate Asset Searches — Uncovering capital investment history and monetary allocations can help unveil any suspicious activity.

Strike Security — During strikes, feelings and emotions can sometimes outweigh rational thinking and actions. Our team can establish security and surveillance for protection of your assets and people, while you conduct business as "normal".

Insurance Investigations — Identifying fraud and misrepresented insurance claims to protect the interests of insurance companies.


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