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Civil Investigations

When trying civil cases in the courts, attorneys need a substantial amount of data that is derived from extensive civil investigations. Whether requiring interviews, research, on site surveillance, or computer forensics, the need for knowledgeable, professional investigators is necessary. As one of PDI's core competences, civil investigation assists the legal teams by exposing the facts and evidence necessary to build their cases.

Personal Injury Investigations — Finding out the facts involved with personal injury cases greatly assists legal teams when going to trial.

Workers Compensation Investigations — Whether working for the individual or the corporation, PDI ensures that the truth is unveiled to prevent fraudulent claim activity.

Background Checks — Understanding the people you are dealing with, as well as past activities and criminal records, can determine a lot about their character and credibility.

Domestic Surveillence — PDI can establish security using the latest technology for debugging, monitoring, as well as providing asset searches, covert surveillance, and bodyguards.

Asset Searches — Uncovering money trails and tracing transactions for revealing all assets of an individual.

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