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Background Checks

Need to learn a little more about a certain individual? Performing a professional background check can greatly assist in your research and help you determine the background character of a person you plan to hire at home or in your company, as well as identify the qualifications/identity of a person testifying in a trial. Background checks provide solid histories of any persons' dealings that may question their integrity or recognize their negative associations, which could place a negative light upon their character. At PDI, we perform detailed background checks by using the latest investigation tactics and the most current information databases available.

Criminal Background Checks — Need to identify the credibility of a witness or expert when trying a case. Or simply interested in learning more about your opposition? Then a detailed criminal background check is ideal.

Employee Background Check — When hiring a new employee, it is necessary to learn more about them, other than what you identified in their interviews. Employee background checks should become a standard practice within your organization.

Personal Background Checks — Hiring a personal assistant or a nanny? Then you need to identify certain items about that person, which are hard to unveil in a few meetings. Personal background checks today can save a lot of trouble for tomorrow.

Online Background Checks — Unsure about the areas your spouse or partner are visiting on the Internet? Don't second-guess someone's online activities by having a detailed online background check performed on their machine.


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