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Featured Articles

St. Louis Feature - Virtual kidnappers use social media to target families

St. Louis Feature - False sense of security: When security alarms fail

St. Louis Feature - 'Oath Keepers' spotted carrying guns, walking along Ferguson streets

St. Louis KSDK News at 10:00pm - Where the most dangerous ATMs are located?

Attorney at Law Magazine, December 2012 —Hiring A Qualified Private Investigator For Local, National Or International Investigations

The Joplin Globe — Niece applauds sheriff for accepting assistance in murder case

St. Louis Post-Dispatch — PDI Investigation Team Clears Teenager of Murder Charges in Southern Missouri Shooting

St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis, MO — "Soldiers of Fortune 500"

International Nannies Associations — "Who Is This Person You Just Hired?"
Featured article by Dr. Michael J. Barbieri, Ph.D.

Ladue News, St. Louis, MO — Featured listing on PDI Investigations, Inc.

The RiverFront Times, St. Louis, MO — "StakeOut"


Recommendation Letter from the U.S. Department of State

Recommendation Letter from British American Consultants and Security Investigation Consultants

Recommendation Letter from Belden Corporation

Letter of Thanks from George Bush, Sr.

St. Louis Magazine Article, September 1998

"… I have worked with P.D.I./SAC on a number of projects over the past several years. In each instance P.D.I./SAC performed the work professionally, effectively and economically. Our most recent engagement involved a security audit of a large local retail shopping center. P.D.I./SAC promptly evaluated the status of the security at the center, developed a plan for the improvement of the security and implemented the plan successfully. P.D.I./SAC completed the assignment well ahead of schedule and allowed the center to improve security without increasing security budget. Based on my experience with P.D.I./SAC I would recommend P.D.I./SAC for security and investigative assignments."

— Charles A. Seigel III
Seigel & Wolff, P.C.


"I have worked with Michael Barbieri and the staff of PDI over the course of the past two decades as a trial attorney, and I have found their work ethic and integrity to be unparalleled. Every job has been completed to my satisfaction, regardless of the difficulty, and it is often the difference that helps us prevail at trial.

"As I have said to every trial advocacy class I teach, preparation is the key to success, and PDI is an indispensable tool in that process."

— Bradford Kessler
Attorney at Law

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