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PDI Investigations, Inc.

A National and International Investigation Agency

PDI Investigations, Inc. conducts a comprehensive National and International investigative firm from its headquarters in Clayton, Missouri.  For the last 25 years the firm has assembled the most relied upon professional agents operating under one of the most experienced management teams in the industry.

Our area of expertise includes investigative support for Civil and Criminal matters, Domestic Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Transportation, Environmental Investigations, Labor Disputes, Employment and Workers Compensation Cases, Real Estate Location and Ownership, Financial Reconstruction, Estates and Trust Asset Searches, Health Care Fraud, Executive Protection and Transportation, Kidnapping and Ransom, Expatriate Site Security Evaluations, Expatriate Evacuations, Securities Investigations, Intelligence Gathering with regards to Covert Operations for Corporations beginning 3rd world ventures, and a host of other support duties.  Our agents testify before federal, state and local courts in all metropolitan area where our various affiliate offices are located, as well as federal, state, and municipal agencies around the world.

Many of our agents have had extensive investigative experience prior to joining the firm.  Because our client profiles are extremely diverse, ranging from large international companies to relatively small local enterprises, our agents are carefully chosen to handle the complex issues that confront our clients.  It is our position to maintain a close personal relationship both with our clients and the members of our investigative team.  Divisions organize our firm: Corporate, Domestic, Criminal, and Civil to enhance our professional competence and our ability to serve our many different clients.

The firm also has a division, which provides Security Consulting to corporations with security experts on staff.  Much of this consulting involves ongoing corporate situations that deal with complex analysis, internal investigations, implementation of security measures, and pre-employment background screening for new applicants.  Our newly added computer forensic technology division provides counseling to clients with regards to computer security, software development, forensic services, and technology. Correspondence can be performed on our secured servers through our corporate web site.

Our investigative firm and consulting firm has assisted numerous U.S. Corporations in a variety of industries with regards to security, making investments, and related issues in the Pacific Rim, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Our Professional World Wide Affiliations aid in the investigative needs of all our clients. Please visit our web-site at: for all your specific requirements.

Thank you for taking time to review our services. We look forward to working with you and your firm in the near future.

Best Regards,

Michael Barbieri Ph.D.
Executive Consultant / Partner
Director of National and International Investigations
314-863-9225 - Office
314-863-4970 - Fax
314-957-9157 - Emergency Operator 24/7
314-956-8160 - Cell - US and International - E-Mail  - Web-Site

Proudly associated with:
World Association of Detectives (WAD)
Council of International Investigators (CII)
National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS)
Federal Criminal Investigative Association (FCIA)
Missouri Association of Private Investigators (MAPI)

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